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Welcome, or denied entry to strangers (1964)

Director: Elem Klimov
Cast: Viktor Kosykh , Alexei Smirnov, Evgeny Evstigneev , Arina Aljeinikova , Ilya Rutberg Duration: 1:11 h Country: USSR 1964 Genre: Comedy
During a summer camp of the "Soviet Pioneers (organization for children aged 9 to 14 years), a lively boy is expelled, instead of coming home and deal with her grandmother, a devout admirer Khrushev, prefers to hide ...

Elem Klimov, before coming to the proclamation of his love for the absolute world of childhood in 'Go And See "tries his hand here for the first time in telling a story of revolt, however, children adults who should return for a moment to be children. If nothing else, at least to better enjoy the beauty of life and being able to live with more spontaneity.

Even children, beautiful in their simplicity, yet protected from the ugliness of the world through their imagination and their naturalness. Children are consistent with themselves, are true to their nature and are not afraid to show it. If there is one that is interference with the stupidity of adults who believe they must act only through education pedagogy coercive attitudes. And who better than the Soviet education has made this a real pride? So it is not so strange choice of Klimov tell the story of a colony-college which most likely also due to visit him during his childhood.
indulge in laughter or happy without a reason to make gestures that seem silly might be a good antidote to the evil of maturity. Children "Dobro Pozhalovat" could be images or characters or even the director's childhood characters of our childhood.

The beauty of "Pozhalovat Dobro" is not any 'propaganda it' complaint, just a lot of nostalgia for a world that resists fragile but thanks to the genuineness of the gestures and the unlimited ability to bend reality to know fantasy.
Klimov is in love with that world and recognizes its importance and to do this again becomes the child himself, joy and playfulness is gathered from the use of the camera is almost happy that it is almost impossible not to notice a hint of melancholy and bitterness. And then a closed world, made of the secrets of boundless imagination and reinforced in an indecipherable maze of complex emotions and feelings that are vented, however, in an extraordinary way in a candid and direct children. Yes, a world that is welcoming to everyone but which can also be very narrow and if you enter the wrong way sa quit almost hermetic becoming incomprehensible.

"Dobro Pozhalovat" fits well in the transformation post-Stalin Soviet film that almost accidentally becomes more amusing and amused when told to leave certain issues at least unofficially lose all those intentions that are not outdated propaganda outlet on anyone. Cinema becomes a more "Western" without losing its characteristic features. Klimov is a great exponent of change and it is interesting to analyze its evolution over time and has matured as a somewhat 'deeper and more introspective world. Most likely the child in him has become too big or too aware of the evil of the world, and here you get to Florya.

Whatever was on his way, the beginnings of Klimov a child in the adult body (adventurous a dentist should tell us something) and his fun loving film covered by a veil of nostalgia is like a beautiful memory to be held dear. A childhood memory.


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